In addition to a pesticide, the antimicrobial product we use can inhibit the growth and spread of fungus and mold in a wide range of crop handling arenas.


The animal care industry including veterinary hospitals, kennels, and pet groomers are all very susceptible to harmful bacterial and microbes. Treating the environmental surfaces, equipment, blankets and beds provides preservative properties and protection from odor causing, staining, and deteriorating bacteria and fungi.


Schools and educational facilities can keep their students and staff healthy by incorporating the antimicrobial solution into their cleaning routine and HVAC systems. Schools are breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and other harmful microbes. the water based, antimicrobial formula inhibits the growth of these microbes and persistently protects the substrate on which it’s applied to. Our Commercial School Sanitizing services are the best way to maintain a healthy environment at Schools and educational Institutes.


The entertainment and leisure industry can protect its customers and staff from microbe related illnesses by incorporating our antimicrobial formula to their cleaning routine in sports venues, movie theaters, bowling alleys, workout facilities and more.


The food service industry is susceptible to the spread of potentially dangerous microbes. The application of the antimicrobial formula can help stop cross-contamination and interior surfaces of facilities from microbial growth.


Many government services like public transportation, wastewater treatment, and community centers are plagued with bacterial and fungal contamination. With the addition of the antimicrobial technology, things like public trains and parks can be protected.


Utilizing the antimicrobial formulas in hospitals and medical offices will compliment and augment your current cleaning protocol for increased assurance of clean whether an operating room or hospital room, cafeteria or reception area.


The hospitality industry is susceptible to the spread of dangerous bacteria in high traffic areas of hotels, casinos, cruise ships, airplanes and more. They also suffer from bacterial and fungal staining, deterioration, and odors. Everything from bed linens to door knobs can be protected with our antimicrobial product.


The marine industry is faced with the challenge of keeping mold, mildew, algae, bacteria and other microorganisms at bay. These destructive microorganisms spread rapidly and damage both the interior and exterior of the boat.


The oil and natural gas industry face challenges with the spread of corrosion causing and odor producing microbes in their oil wells. The current biocides used for treatment are extremely toxic to humans and the environment. The Antimicrobial product can provide a safe, environmentally friendly solution to the industry’s problems.


The plastics industry can protect its products from microbes, staining, odors, and deterioration they can cause. By incorporating the Antimicrobial technology into the product, or by adding the protective antimicrobial coating to the surface of any product, can prevent the growth of microbes for the useful life of the product.