Every day we come into contact with millions of microbes including harmful bacteria, fungi and pathogens. Practically everything we touch is sure to have bacteria and fungi on it. Our antimicrobial products eliminates bacteria, germs, fungi, molds, viruses and microbes then provides antimicrobial technology that protects surfaces for up to 30 days without reapplication.

Glo-Chem International, is an authorized distributor of disinfectants, antimicrobials and other chemicals used to clean and protect.   With our partnerships we plan to institute a new level of clean.

Our Team

Our team is one of seasoned business owners who have experience in managing organizations in numerous industries.  Our expertise is in chemicals manufacturing, supply management and labor management provide the perfect pairing of skills and knowledge.  


MUJAHID NYAHUMA, PRESIDENT/CEO is responsible for overall management, branding and strategic planning. He has over 28 years of experience in management consulting, contract manufacturing/distribution of specialty chemicals. business development, international trade and investment.  He is certified as an international trade and business consultant with the state of Pennsylvania. He served as Director of the Investment Recovery Program (IRP) for the Hospital and Higher Educational Facilities Authority of Philadelphia. Dr. Nyahuma facilitated working relationship among the authority, client hospitals, academic medical centers and foreign investors. IRP complimented the Authority’s Bond Pool Financing Program. He is a senior scholar at the Thomas Jefferson School of Population Health. He has a PhD (Honorus Coursa) in Health Policy/Political Economy (Houdegbe North American University Benin).  MA (Political Economy) from Binghamton University, attended Harvard-Tufts Consortia for International Business Executives on international contract negotiations; University of Penn/Wharton Evening Program and has a BA (economics) from Windham College.

GUY DUNN, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, he is responsible for financial management, controls and project feasibility analysis. He has over 30 years as a seasoned serial entrepreneur. He has served as CFO of a market research company, Director of Business Development for a system engineering government contractor, a franchise owner for over 12 years and a management consultant and a digital marketing consultant. He has extensive labor management experience growing up in a family commercial cleaning company with contracts with the Port Authority of NY and NJ cleaning the Port Authority Bus terminal and Laguardia Airport.  Then started a cleaning company in the Philadelphia area with over 400 employees doing government contracts throughout the mid atlantic area. Mr. Dunn has a BA in accounting with a minor in finance from Morehouse College.

Our Vision

At Glochem International, we are committed to utilizing the safest and most effective products and technologies to reduce the presence and transfer of harmful microorganisms to help protect people, products, animals and the environment from disease and illness.

Our Mission

At Glochem International we use our expertise, unique technologies, reliable service and product performance to:

  • Provide a positive impact on humanity
  • Promote the public good in all that we do
  • Minimize our environmental footprint
  • Maximize our compliance with the principles of sustainability
  • Provide a safe & positive workplace that enables our employees to reach corporate and personal goals
  • Enhance the value of our company for our stockholders